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A site builder by Oxford University for Oxford University.


There’s a lot to be said about Mosaic.

It is the University’s own site builder. It is based on Drupal and is supported by IT Services. Using Mosaic it is possible to create simple websites quickly, easily and without significant technical knowledge.

Our team has worked with Mosaic on a number of large projects, including The Ashmolean Museum site and two new Mosaic sites for the Department of Economics.


A carefully considered set of features.

Mosaic comes with a lot of pre-built functionality. Complex stuff like integration with Symplectic is already done and done well. It works right out of the box. Equally important, it already works with University SSO, meaning that you can use your University credentials to control management access to the site.

We can’t list all the technical features of Mosaic here (you can find them here if you’re keen to know more). The Mosaic platform has been built over many years and we’ve been working with it from the start.


Benefit from the collective.

Mosaic is a shared system. All Mosaic users use the same instance of Mosaic. Any new features or functionalities are developed by the central Mosaic team, and all new features or functionalities are then shared back across the platform. It does mean that there are likely a lot of features you’ll never use, but also you can continue to benefit from new features as the platform is extended further.


A shared design language.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, Mosaic probably isn’t right for you. However, if you’re keen for your site to feel part of the Oxford University family, you want to ensure your new site rigidly adheres to University policies on accessibility and usability standards then Mosaic may be the right choice.

We’ve worked with Mosaic on numerous projects and we believe we know how best to use the design assets available to create a clean and modern designs.


How we can help with Mosaic.

There are several ways in which we can help with Mosaic. At its simplest we can work with your existing site to help you with layouts, consistency, and adding some more design elements.

We can soley do some design work for your new site. Or we can undertake a full project, were we work with you to plan, design and build your site.

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